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Cali Rider Makes Her Step-Dad Happy

  Nubile brunette Cali Rider arrives home from school to find her step-father waiting in the backyard for her. He's angry because he hears that she's doing badly in school, so he goes through her backpack and discovers her diary. He's shocked by what he finds within, and she begs him not to tell her […]

Tanner Mayes Fucks Her Stepfather

  Nubile brunette cutie Tanner Mayes lays on her bed and reads from her diary while dressed in a skimpy outfit. She gets horny as she remembers her sexual exploits with her boyfriend, so she strips naked before going to take a shower. While she enjoys the hot water, her step-father enters her bedroom and […]

Kelly Surfer Can’t let Mom Find Out

  Young Aussie blonde Kelly Surfer talks on the phone to her friend about walking in on her stepfather while he was in the shower. She watches him as he washes his naked body, and she strips down and tugs her panties aside to rub her wet pussy as she does. He catches her in […]

Haley Cummings Licks Her Step-Dad’s Ass

  Pretty young blonde, Haley Cummings, lays on the couch and draws dirty things in her diary when her step-father walks in on her. He snatches her diary from her and reads from it, shocked from her graphic sexual entries. He decides to punish her, and he's soon kissing her large tits before she drops […]

Taisa Banx is a Slutty Stepdaughter

  Stepdaughters can be tricky ground to tread, especially when the stepdaughter is as hot as Taisa Banx. She ends up seducing Pike Nelson and having some of the freakiest sex there is with him. Her long brown hair is splayed around her as she works her hips up, taking his cock harder and deeper […]

Blond Stepdaughter Turns into Total Slut

  When a girl knows that she can get whatever she wants as long as she flashes some titties and strokes some dick, she's going to make sure to do it on every guy that she can, even if that guy happens to be her step father. Jessie Andrews has thoroughly seduced her stepdad John […]

Perverted Stepdaughter Rims Stepfather

  If you've ever become the new stepfather to a hot ass 18 year old, you know how tempting it is to just tear that hot teen pussy up. Jenny Anderson is a teasing slut of a stepdaughter so it's even harder for Lee Stone to resist. Her sweet pussy is going to get slammed, […]

Stephanie Cane is Dirty Stepdaughter

  This dirty stepdaughter is named Stephanie Cane and she's so fucked up that she wants to do everything she can to get with Billy Glide, her stepfather. This 18 year old even stoops to eating out his ass and rimming all around him so that she could slide that massive cock right up into […]

Exotic Darling Arial Rose Tosses Her First Salad!

  You're not going to find a mixed Asian darling nearly as cute, petite and naughty as Arial Rose. This wicked little teenie confides to her step-dad, Billy, her insatiable love for licking man-ass! He quickly and slyly suggests that they engage in a bit of salad tossing experimentation! After making a promise not to […]

Enter Sasha Yung: Ass-Munching Asian Sensation!

  Petite, Asian firecracker, Sasha Yung just can't for the life of her stop thinking about her step-dad's toned butt! If given the chance, Sasha would gladly polish Lee Stone's crack STAT! She jots all her private ass-licking fantasies down on her laptop and all is well, until Lee reads it! Before he can protest, […]